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Analyst position with BanskoBanka

General information
The Analyst position is a “classic” entry level position with a professional management consulting firm. As we expect to hire beginners with little or no experience, the key objective for a new Analyst would be to quickly develop business awareness and specific skills while working under close supervision of the Partners.

The Analyst’s role
Analyst will join a project team consisting of consultants and client representatives, and will perform specific tasks as laid out in the project plan. Typical responsibilities of an analyst during a client engagement would include the following:
- Gathering information from external sources and from within client organization; this may include close contact with IT to get the right data in the right form from internal databases.
- Conducting client interviews, including interview preparation and writing up interview notes to keep the entire team informed.
- Performing quantitative analysis in support of recommendations and client decision-making. In its most common form, this would include building spreadsheet models in MS Excel. Depending on the nature of the problem, these models could range from very simple one-day exercises to complex multi-scenario models.
- Creating (parts of) presentations to summarize results of analyses for communicating them to the team and the client. Performing small project management and administration tasks in order to ensure that the process flows according to the plan and that all the right client people are duly informed and involved.

An average “lifespan” of an Analyst is 2 years, after which he/she will be considered for promotion to the next level. During the entire tenure the Analyst will be subject to close supervision by the Partners, and receive continuous feedback on his/her performance. As BanskoBanka follows strict “up-or-out” rules, non-performing analyst may be put on a “watchlist” or asked to leave if he/she does not perform to the required standards.

Our selection criteria
Based on the Partners’ selection experience, we have defined a set of requirements for Analyst candidates. Minimum requirements:
- Higher education (completed or senior year student) at Diploma, Bachelor or Master degree level (depending on educational establishment and nature of the program).
- Outstanding quantitative analysis and logical reasoning skills, combined with “natural” ability to employ them in a practical way to solve business problems. These skills will be tested and challenged during the interviewing process.
- Team player mindset; the individual should fit within our small team and convince us that he/she could adapt to different organizational cultures of our clients.
- Innate passion for performance and achievement, supported by far-reaching (but realistic) career ambitions and professional curiosity; ability to demonstrate initiative and assume responsibility. High level of personal efficiency, ability to prioritize between various tasks in order to achieve maximum impact at minimum cost.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; ability to build strong working relationships with clients irregardless of their personality types.
- Working knowledge of English (conversational level or fluency).
- Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access software tools at least at the beginner’s level.

Our minimum requirements are “cast in stone” and will be used to pre-screen candidates at the resume level. There will be no exceptions for candidates that would not fit the minimum criteria as outlined above. Other things equal, priority will be given to successful candidates, who possess the “extras”.

What we offer
We are ready to offer the following to successful candidates:
- An unparalleled opportunity to gain vast and “structured” knowledge of a particular industry or function under the guidance of experienced consultants and through interaction with industry professionals.
- Early responsibility, including own activity planning duties and clearly defined quality standards to follow.
- Tailored professional development program, based on individual learning needs (priorities), as well as frequent and structured feedback from the Partners.
- Compensation at levels that are fully aligned with our stringent requirements and take into account individual performance.
- Exciting professional working environment, combining strong performance culture and respect for individual.
- Opportunity to make contacts and obtain references, that would be invaluable for future career progress.

If you are interested in this position please send us your CV and covering letter.

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